Aplicaciones FTIR

An Advanced Infrared Imaging System for Sample Analysis 
Analysis Example by Vacuum Model FT/IR Measurement of Silicon Wafer and Analysis of Low Concentration Gas   
Analysis of Automotive Fluids Using FTIR 
Analysis of Automotive Polymers Using FTIR-ATR  
Evaluation of a Si Wafer Surface Using a 65-Degree Incident Angle ATR 
FT/IR-4000 and FT/IR 6000 Series FTIR Instrument Validation Software 
Gas Analysis System using Full Vacuum Type FT/IR (Trace amount of H2O in N2 gas) 
In-Situ Monitoring for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) 
Infrared Dynamic Imaging for the Examination of Chemical Reactions 
Infrared Microscopy for the Analysis of Polymer Laminates in Beverage Packaging 
Measurement of Oriented Films and Liquid Crystal Molecules by a Polarized ATR Accessory 
Non-Contact, Non-Destructive Film Thickness Measurements in the IR or NIR Region 
On-Line Monitoring by Using an Optical Fiber 
Pharmaceutical tablet characterization by NIR Imaging  
Portable Instrument System for Micro FT-IR On-Site Analysis 
Purification of Carvone in Spearmint Oil using SFC with PDA and FTIR Dual-Monitoring 
Qualitative Analysis of Semiconductor Contaminants 
Quantitative Analysis of Powdered Solids with FTIR-ATR  
Rapid Identification of an Illegal Drug using NIR (Identification of MDMA Tablet)  
Secondary Structure Analysis (SSE) Software for Infrared Interpretation and Modeling of Proteins 
Secondary Structure Analysis of Proteins Using IR Imaging  
Terahertz (THz) Measurements of Liquids by a Vacuum Compatible ATR Accessory 
Model Analysis for FTIR Microscopy 
Infrared Microscopy Mapping measurement using the IQ Mapping function of IRT-5000 Microscope 
Development and Applications of a Sample Compartment FTIR Microscope 

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